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May 4th is International Firefighters’ Day

New York Firefighter in fire station putting on equipment

Firefighters put their own lives at risk to save the lives of others. From fighting fires, to providing emergency medical attention, and rescuing people from physical danger, firefighters deserve more praise than they often receive. Below are some of the tasks firefighters perform for you and your community.

Responding To Fire Emergencies

Contain and Extinguish Fires

Firefighters work in a range of contexts, from urban settings to wild. Their objective to to save people from dangerous situations, and to protect property from fire damage when possible. They use a variety of tools for their job, which they use expertly.

Investigate Causes of Fire

They may return to the scene of a fire to investigate the cause. This is helpful in future prevention of wildfires, as well as proving a suspicion of arson.

They Live At the Fire Station

The on-duty firefighters in urban settings will often live at the fire station. Emergencies can happen at any time of day, and a firefighter is always at the ready to provide life-saving assistance. They perform regular training and drills, as well as maintain excellent fitness, so they can perform their jobs with speed and efficiency.

They Do More Than Put Out Fires

Did you know that firefighters are also trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s)?

Firefighters are sometimes referred to as “first responders” because they are often the first ones on the scene when medical attention may be required. In many cities, Fire and Ambulance are in the same department! If you are ever injured or sick in a vulnerable public situation, it can be a relief to see a firefighter arrive to help.

They Rescue You (hence, “Fire and Rescue”)

Beyond rescuing you from burning buildings, they are also the team called to rescue you if you are ever trapped, whether in a vehicle, boat, or tree. Their job is to help preserve the lives of those in their community!

They Check and Regulate Fire Safety

Buildings have occupancy standards set in place by your local fire marshal for safety in the event of a fire. This extends to regulations for the locations and number of exits, exit visibility, sprinklers, fire escapes, smoke detectors, and other variables like fire extinguishers. Some departments may even offer free smoke detectors!

They May (or may not) Install and Inspect Car Seats

Years ago, it was common for people to head to their local fire station to have their car seat installed, or to have their installation inspected. Today, not every fire department has a car seat technician, and even when they do, they are first responders first, and they may not be available. You CAN search for a local car seat tech near you by using this handy search tool from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): https://www.nhtsa.gov/equipment/car-seats-and-booster-seats#installation-help-inspection


Firefighters Serve Their Community

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